Re: [gDesklets] Beta 0.36 this month


> I really want to have a beta of 0.36 out this month. Most things for
> the release are in place. Some minor bugs still have to be fixed. It
> seems that 0.36 will be a quite stable release and we should iron out
> the last outstanding problems. My plan is to have a beta release the
> next weekend. It'd be nice to announce it at

OK, looks to me that there are still a few (critical) bugs open and some
things need to be discussed.

Therefore I think it would be a GREAT idea if anyone involved and
interested in 0.36 could join in tonight's (Sunday, September 16th 2007
starting at 20-21h CET /MEZ) IRC meeting.

I guess we could bring it down to a few things left to be done and have
0.36_beta1 (or whatever) out by next weekend (yeah, being optimistic can
be nice ;) ).


1. open bugs
- which bugs are still out there
- how can they be fixed
- assigning the bugs

2. documentation
- is it up-to-date
- what needs to be done
- assigning the tasks

3. basic desklets
- ready to launch ?
- documentation

More ideas etc. ?

Greetings, Bjoern

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