Re: [gDesklets] Beta 0.36 this month

Hi Christian,

Christian Meyer wrote:
sorry for being late ;-)

and I'm very sorry for being under the radar for the past couple of months. As you can see from the bzr-logs, I've only managed to do a couple of commits during the summer.

I'm currently doing the final bits of my thesis, which should be out next month if I don't want to pay back my student grands.. this means that I'll continue to be busy at least for this month.

Any objections?

I have no objections, but the new user interface under shell2 is not ready yet. It needs code for pieces here and there and the control needs some heavy testing as well.

If you do a release then please don't include the new shell and preferably the Desklet control under controls either, since it's one of the older version.

Can't wait to get my hands on gD once the thesis is out of the way :)

Thanks dude,

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