[gDesklets] new 0.36beta

Hi all,

I've just tested 0.36beta.Works fine until now, but installation
generated broken link in /usr/local/bin targeting to /usr/lib/gdesklets.
I have relinked it to /usr/local/lib/gdesklets/gdesklets instead.

Next, I have finished the documentation, including current shell
description and functions.
I have also created 0.36 branch when we may merge everything there or I
may upload this documentation to 0.3x branch and 0.36 may stay as a
final release in case we continue in 0.3x. Just decide.
Documentation needs yelp to be available in system and therefore some
hacking of one gD shell script. I have added Help->Contents menu here on
my installation. It's quite dirty (it doesn't check for yelp
availability), but works.

Let me also know if we will include some desklets there. It would be
nice to get rid of that debian package full of broken desklets that is
everywhere, at least brake the dependency on it.

Best regards,


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