Re: [gDesklets] Access objects from classes

Hi Mario,

Mario Gonzalez kirjoitti:
I'm reading and studying your source code and let me tell you that
it's really good. I'm doing some tests and I want to ask some
questions here. I don't know if I'm in the right place, if not please
let me know.

This is exactly the place to discuss all gD related stuff.

Is there a way to access the icons, labels, etc from a class? For
example for testing purposes I want to change all labels in a desklet
when some events are triggered.
I'm hacking the file and file but I would like to
know if you can "give me a hand" please.

Sorry, I'm not familiar enough to comment on how the old 0.3x framework works, but I'd suggest that you look into 0.4, which has a totally new architecture (much more easier to understand).

Of course it's worth noting that 0.4 does not work entirely yet, but I'd like to direct all developers interested in the core to that direction, because it's the future :)


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