[gDesklets] RSS Control

Hi. If this list is only meants for gdesklet development and not for Controls / Display, please point me the right way.

Google Calendar provides atom feeds for your calendars - the url's look like this
http://www.google.com/calendar/feeds/[email gmail com]/private-[hexstring]/basic

I tried to use the RSS Control (v0.5) for reading the atom feeds but I had to make some changes to make it work. The changes look like this:

> 75c76
<               self.data = escape(self.data + data.strip()).encode('utf-8')
>               self.data = escape(self.data + data.strip()).encode()
<               elif name == "item" or name=="entry":
>               elif name == "item":

There are numerous other improvements that can be made to the parser.
(On a sidenote, I'm looking for a control that will parse ICS files because the Google Calendar feeds are not exactly what I need).


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