Re: [gDesklets] License Info

Hi there,

> The only two that I have run across that have any license info in them
> is Calendar and GoodWeather (I haven't had a chance to check them all
> yet!).

Well, I had a chance to check them all :).
At least the ones on the "Unofficial gDesklets Desklet Archive".

So, I gathered all information (license and author) I came across in the
ReadMe, ToDo, Changelog and display files and whatever else I could find
in the Controls and scripts (and the mailing list) etc.
Just the sensors (.bin) have been "untouched"; but as these are
depreciated anyway...

So here's a list with all the license information I collected, without
any warranties! And maybe I missed some of them, too.

Furthermore some information can be found here:

And there are some desklets with an eMail address included, so if you
want to contact them and have the author list as well, just let me know!

Hope that helps :).

Greeting, Bjoern (H.Humpel)

- BMPx desklet: GPL 2.0 (IKBMPx Control)
- Boxmail: GPL
- Calendar (v0.41): GPL-2
- CandyBar (v0.2): GPL
- Clock desklet (v0.50): GPL
- Clock2 desklet: GPL
- Clock with chime: GPL-2
- Corner XMMS (v0.1.0): GPL(-2)
- Deskletradar: GPL-2
- DiskIO: GPL
- External Interval Sensor: GPL
- Fortune Control: GPL
- gFortunka (v0.1.3): GPL
- Gleo (Control): "No Copyright (c) yet. Choose by yourself if you can't
live without it."
- GoodWeather (non-psi): GPL
- ImageSlideShow Control (v0.5): GPL
- IMAP Mail: GPL
- ML Donkey: GPL
- Moon Clock: GPL
- MultiTail: GPL
- OSX Corner XMMS: GPL-2
- Quote of the Day (v0.61): GPL-2
- RhythmLet: GPL-2
- SETI2: explicitly no license statet !
- SideCandy: GPL
- SideCandy DiskIO: GPL-2
- SideCandy HDD-Temp: GPL-2
- SideCandy RhythmBox: GPL-2 (RBox Control only)
- SideCandy Uptime: GPL-2
- SideStripes (v0.3): GPL-2
- SlideShow (v0.5): GPL
- StarterBar (v0.31.3): GPL
- StockInfo: GPL
- XML TV: "License :
	-	This sensor is free to use
	-	This sensor is free to modify as long as any modifications are published
	-	This sensor is free to distribute free of charge as long as this file
		is included
	-	Probably the license is compatible to the GPL ; yet I am not going to
		tell its licensed under the GPL because I am not sure if this package
		itself fullfills all parts of the GPL"
- XMMS desklet: GPL
- XMMS2 Control: GPL-2
- XMMS2 example desklet: GPL-2

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