Re: [gDesklets] Browsing desklets on, bug?

Lauri Kainulainen wrote:

Sean Bridges wrote:
 Hoping that someone on the list might have some insight. I believe
there is a bug on the site for the Desklet/Control
browsing.  There are certain Desklets/Controls that are only visible if
you are logged in.  SlideShow (one I submitted) and Countdown2 are a
couple along with their controls.  Is there a final step that occurs
before these are visible or is this an bug?

This is definitely a bug. From the top of my head I can't say what exactly causes it. Could be caching inside drupal for instance.

I'll try to take a look at it tonight.
Cool, I am going to submit more desklets as Legacy after you fix this.
Also if you have time please fix the link to tarballs so people could download and install by drag and drop.
This is quite handy and attractive to normal users;)
Xusheng Hou

The most important thing is of course that all the desklets and controls are correctly saved. The view is just a bit broken.


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