Re: [gDesklets] Newbie Developer Control Question

On Fri, 2007-06-01 at 09:29 +0300, Lauri Kainulainen wrote:

> Hi Sean,
> Sean Bridges wrote:
> > Control Functions would need to be:
> > * Handle grabbing Meta-data from image uri.  
> > * Handle building a list of uris to pictures to display based on a
> > passed directory.  Provide maybe a next picture, previous picture call
> > that is hooked to a timer.  (Doesn't appear to be a standard 'directory'
> > chooser preference, so that might have to just be a string for now?)
> We don't have a directory chooser, but that's a very good idea. Perhaps 
> something for 0.40.
> > If I understand right each of these functions would need to happen
> > inside a control, not possible from a display.  Is that correct?  
> Yes. That's correct. Basically display-files can't do anything that is 
> not (a) done through the ADL-language (the xml you use to define the 
> displays), (b) done through a control, (c) built in Python (the stuff 
> you get when you do python -i and don't import anything)
> > I browsed through the controls on the site and I didn't find any that
> > appeared to help with this.  Is there anything out there that I should
> > re-use?  
> Can't think of anything if you found nothing on the official site 
> ( or on the archive that can be found through the official 
> site.
> > Finally, if I have to make a control, I'm thinking it should be called
> > something like ImageManipulation.  Methods could be added do resizing or
> > transitions later down the road.  
> Sounds very reasonable. First I'd start thinking about the 
> property-based control interface. For the requirements you mentioned 
> earlier, I'd say you need something like this (just an example):
> image_uri <- set this to the target image...
> meta_data <- ... and then read this to get the meta-data in a dictionary
> pictures <- get/set to manipulate the list of pictures
> start_slideshow <- start a loop do show pictures
> next_picture <- switch to next picture manually
> prev_picture <- ....
> Then you just build the functions that handle getting and setting those 
> python properties.
> If you have any questions feel free to post them on the list!
> - Lauri

Thank you for the information and direction!  I think it is all clear
now.  Very impressive framework, looking forward to putting this

- Sean

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