[gDesklets] Check out the new site ONLINE!


at last the new site is up and online! Still a few quirks, but nothing
major. Full functionality will be available during the weekend.

check it out at http://gdesktlets.linuxprofessionals.org !

And play around. It's very easy to customize through the web interface.
Try adding news or something for example (by adding a story and then
marking it as "Frontpage News - Release".

I edited some of the menus. I was thinking we could integrate the wiki
under the "Documentation"-menu, so that all documents would be there
(probably should edit the wiki-theme a bit and make it not editable by
all). The menu hierarchy is totally under construction, so suggestions
are very welcome.

You should have gotten your registration emails by now. The site is
currently not open for public registration.

Things that need doing:
 - Control submission and browsing (can mostly be ripped from desklet side)
 - Testing... (desklet deletion for example)
 - small things, like clicking on header should return to home
 - Wiki integration (and perhaps some new pages on general information,
user manual, etc.)!
 - Add at least the newest gDesklets release to the files dir
 - Forums? (should use an external one. The one with drupal sucks)

And btw, the "gdesktlets" typo is intentional. Helps against brute force
attacks says Robert (the webadmin).

I'll continue work on the site tomorrow.

Comments are welcome.

|.| Lauri Kainulainen  |...........|
|..| lauri sokkelo net  |          |
|..| http://lauri.sokkelo.net  |...|

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