Re: [gDesklets] new site

Hi Jack,

Jack Deslippe wrote:
> The new site is nice, but how about some new features?  

What kind of features do you have in mind? I'm the guy behind the site
and I'm all open for feature suggestions.

> It seems like a 
> lot of the old desklets don't work anymore and there isn't much 
> development of new ones.  

I haven't tested the old desklets with the new 0.35.x versions. As far
as the website goes there is work underway to slowly submit the old
desklets to the new system.

> I am particularly interested in knowing when 
> transparency will work again.  Is this going to work in 0.40?  When 
> should we expect 0.40? 

AFAIK, transparency works if you have compositioning enabled in your
X-server. This is the case at least for the upcoming 0.40 as you can see
in this screenshot I've just made by running the 0.40-SVN with a
test.display: (I'm not sure
about 0.35)

I have beryl and XGL running so that gives me compositioning.

- lauri
Lauri Kainulainen
 » lauri sokkelo net
 » +35840 7225101

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