Re: [gDesklets] Looking for the path to current display file


Bjoern Koch schrieb:
I playing around a bit in the prefs-core (again :) ) and am implementing
icons on the prefs tabs (working only on config/
So you can provide an icon to be displayed in front of the tab's
(page's) label, like:

	<page label="Test 1" icon="test.png">

It's working pretty good / perfectly right now, including rescaling too
big icons, but I came across the following problem:

Very nice stuff.

So far, I couldn't figure out how to get the path of the Desklet's dir.

There is a self.__path in display/

        # the path of the .display file
        self.__path = os.path.dirname(rep)
        self.__display_file = rep

but I have no clue how to access it.
('DisplayConfigger' object has no attribute '_ConfigDialog__path')

Looks like this path should be easily accessible.
Something to fix. :)
Not a big thing. It's just not there yet.


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