[gDesklets] Basic Desklets

Hi all,

I have created a branch on launchpad called desklets-basic
(https://code.launchpad.net/~gdesklets/gdesklets/desklets-basic). It
will contain some basic desklets that should be provided with the
gDesklets distribution so that users can see the system in action
without installing additional stuff. All source code must be licenced
under free software license, preferably GNU/GPL version 2, to avoid any
doubts about licensing issues. Desklets should have common generic names
like Calendar, Clock, E-mail notification, Weather etc. Any member of
the team should be allowed to access the source code, fix bugs, improve
them etc.

So if there are authors of such basic desklets among you consider
uploading to this branch. I have made the first submission  with Quotes
of the Day desklet. It still needs many quotes (up to 366, one for each
day of the year) to be added to the database, so feel free to add more
or improve the source code in any other way.

Everything around the core is quite a mess, including debian
gdesklets-data package, so I hope this will help.


Robo Pastierovic

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