Re: [gDesklets] Tasks for 0.40?

Hi all,

lauri sokkelo net schrieb:
I'm quite sure the wiki isn't up to date anymore, so I'll just ask here: what tasks remain to get 0.40 running desklets? And what could I work on without stepping on the toes of others?

There is a (incomplete) file ROADMAP in the repository.
Basically, the remaining tasks boil down to:
 - implementation of elements and their rendering logic
 - fix bugs in the cairo backend
 - run inline scripts in a sandbox
 - add support for controls
 - implement persistent properties stuff and the configuration
   dialog elements
 - provide some user interface, such as a gdesklets shell
 - make the gDesklets Builder useful, i.e. loading / saving of
   desklets, support for inline scripts, controls, etc.
   (but first these things must be available in the gDesklets

My toes are currently on the DOM elements, their rendering logic,
and the gDesklets Builder. So you shouldn't step on there. ;)
I guess the most important part right now is controls support for the
scripting interactor.

We could actually submit the needed tasks as "blueprints" on launchpad since that's what the feature is for.

I thought of exactly the same. Now all I have to do is figure out how
to actually use these launchpad features. :)


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