Re: [gDesklets] Tasks for 0.40?

Hey Lauri,

2007/4/18, lauri sokkelo net <lauri sokkelo net>:


now that we have a working and "official" 0.40 branch at launchpad I
could actually put it to use :) svn is up 24/7 now, too. So the 2 repos could be easily sync'ed.

I'm quite sure the wiki isn't up to date anymore, so I'll just ask
here: what tasks remain to get 0.40 running desklets? And what could I
work on without stepping on the toes of others?

It's quite up2date. A few areas might be outdated!

We could actually submit the needed tasks as "blueprints" on launchpad
since that's what the feature is for.

If you say so ;-)
I don't know the features that launchpad provides.


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