Re: [gDesklets] gDesklets on Opensolaris website!


Looks great. I really appreciate SUN's involved in the project.
Now, since my oral tests are over, I'll have more time. As for the next days
I've planned to apply the patches (again) that Chris sent me (I lost my old
tarball!!). Also, I will look bugzilla; I noticed that lots of bugreports
have been opened and I'm really grateful for that.

Further plans:
When all relevant patches have been applied to gdesklets-SVN we'll have a
pre-0.35.5 version so that people can test the new version. Bugs which will
be reported should be fixed.
After 2 weeks we'll release the final v0.35.5.

Sounds good? Comments, suggestions?

I, for myself, don't plan to further work on the 0.35 series but want to
make sure v0.40 will be worked on. This means, we need people who are
experienced in python and in gDesklets' new architecture, which is quite
flexible as some of you might already know.



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