Re: [gDesklets] Bazaar - how to work with it?

Hmm, just forget what I wrote, it just did take a very looooong time,
but sftp works. :)


Martin Grimme schrieb:

Call me stupid, but I have looked at the bazaar tutorial and other
documentation and was not able to commit changes to the repository.

I can checkout with

bzr checkout

But when I want to commit, bazaar tells me, it's read only.

bzr: ERROR: Cannot lock: transport is read only: <bzrlib.transport.http._urllib.HttpTransport_urllib url=>

Checking out with the sftp URL doesn't seem to do anything.
My SSH public key is uploaded, but nothing happens after entering the
pass phrase when I try

bzr checkout sftp://martin-grimme bazaar launchpad net/~gdesklets/gdesklets/trunk


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