Re: [gDesklets] Get ready for launch!

Lauri Kainulainen schrieb:
"Good news, everyone!"

W00t! :D

Bzr works pretty much like SVN or CVS, except that it's distributed. See

Very nice. Once I figure out how this works, I'll upload my code for
the gDesklets Builder. This also contains the latest
bugfixes/enhancements for the gDesklets core.

Should we make this the default location for bugs, code, plans,
translations, etc. for 0.40?

I think so. Since the platform provides all this, we should make use
of it.

And btw, launchpad also permits "asking questions". Could that be a nice
replacement for a forum?

Hmm, is it as easy to use as a forum for normal users?


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