Re: [gDesklets] WTF?


For a presentation i set up a ubuntu feisty box, 1.5Ghz 1Gb RAM. Since
windows now has a similar widget system, i installed gdesklets too. But
its only a geek toy.

I added all FTB-*-plot desklets and a clock.
With them, gdesklets needs 15 seconds to start up.
Then the python process consumes 7% cputime when the system is idle, up
to 15% when system is working.

And how about localization, nothing.
Every second desklet i activate pops up a error window.

In my mind you should release a set of well working and tested desklets.
If people only see problems, how do you want to attract new developers
to use your framework?

br, Sven

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