[gDesklets] WTF?

Since when are we a part of the official Gnome? Why didn't we hear about
this :D -->


GNOME 2.18 also includes a widget-type feature called gDesklets. The
idea here is to provide little apps that run on top of the desktop, like
weather displays, calendars, RSS aggregators, and GUI applets to display
CPU usage. Currently there's a lot of duplication of applets -- you'll
find three or four CPU applets, and several disk temperature monitors,
for example.

To use them, open the gDesklet Shell and browse the available applets.
If you want to run one, just double-click it to make it hover alongside
your mouse pointer. You can then drop it onto the desktop itself.

The gDesktlets are a great idea, but they're not yet 100% stable. Under
Foresight the gDesklet application wouldn't even launch. Under Feisty,
some of the gDesklets behaved fine, but when I tried to launch one of
them -- a taskbar replacement -- it wouldn't detach from the mouse to
the desktop, and I had to hard-kill the gDesklet daemon and manager to
get my pointer back. Most of the applets ran just fine, though.

I'm disappointed that the only help associated with the gDesklets Shell
application is the About dialog and tips of the day.

Overall, gDesklets are neat, but I think it will probably be GNOME 2.20
before the software is fully usable.

source: http://www.linux.com/article.pl?sid=07/04/02/1919225

Of course that is incorrect.. I think we need shape up before we're
really included in Gnome :)

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