Re: [gDesklets] gDesklets 0.40 news

Sounds great Martin.  This is especially good news for my pseudo-starterbar desklet
and my upcoming super-secret taskbar.  Nobody in IRC any more though!

Hope all is well,

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first of all, this e-Mail is a test to see if I can finally post to this
list as it didn't work properly in the past.

I tried two little hacks with the gDesklets 0.40 prototype in the last
few weeks:

1) Running desklets without a daemon.
    Memory consumption is currently around 6 or 7 MB per desklet when
    running standalone. This is quite acceptable (a screenlet consumes
    a little bit more).

2) Playing with interactors and alternative window systems.
    With one interactor for modifying a desklet, and a window
    system for embedding the desklet into another window, it's
    easy to make a WYSIWYG desklet editor.
    So I hacked one from scratch. Hopefully it will be useful after
    the easter holidays. The obligatory screenshot will follow
    (provided that this mailing list won't reject my mails anymore).

I haven't checked into SVN yet. The 0.40 SVN is most often unavailable.
Maybe we should start using the GNOME SVN for 0.40 as well.


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