Re: [gDesklets] How to delete/update uploaded Controls on

Hi Ronny,

do you get a button that says "Add new version" just below the top title
on the XMMS page: ?

>From there you can add a new version of the specific control. Mind that
you have to be logged in and it has to be your control.

If you don't see that button with your controls when logged in then
please let me know. It's probably a permissions problem.

Currently only the webmasters are permitted to delete desklets and
controls. I can delete the one you want to get rid of once you have
added the new version to the other.


Ronny Lorenz wrote:
> Hello,
> Can anybody tell me, how to upload a new version of an own Control? I 
> did't find any way to upload a new version of my Control named XMMS. I 
> changed its source today due to some reasons and wanted to add it as new 
> version, but after "adding a new Control" (which was the wrong way, I 
> found out), there are two separate Controls named XMMS in the list, 
> separate in the meaning of two projects, what they aren't...
> So is there any possibility to delete one of these  things  and/or to 
> upload a new version?
> Thanks and greetings
> Ronny
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