[gDesklets] problems with calendar ver. 0.25

Hello there,
Glad to see very good changes with calendar ver. 0.25!
Really nice it can show the back ground and display random pictures.
Some very good desklets are going to be shippd as a part of solaris developer release 2.
Also it's been added a lot of language which is really great!
But I found that when I choose Chinese, it won't display the day title like: Mon,Tue,Wed.....
I can provide you the chinese charactors for that:
Mon: 星期一 or simply 一
Tue: 星期二 or simply 二
Wed: 星期三 or simply 三
Thu: 星期四 or simply 四
Fri: 星期五 or simply 五
Sat: 星期六 or simply 六
Sun: 星期日or simply 日
Xusheng Hou

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