gconf 1.0.x activates gconfd-2 server ?


I'm currently integrating GNOME 2 in Mandrake cooker and I've found one
problem when both GConf 1.0.x and GConf 1.1.x are installed on the same

If user had galeon 1.2.x installed on his system, with galeon schemas
registered in GConf 1, after installing gconf 1.1, galeon will not
longer find its configuration info because its schemas is not registered
in gconf2 database and gconf-internal from gconf 1.0.x always try to
launch gconfd-2 if available (from ChangeLog : 2002-01-23  Havoc
Pennington  <hp pobox com>
gconf/gconf-internals.c(gconf_activate_server): try to use gconfd-2 if
it exists)

Here is the problem..

There is two solutions : 
-change launch order in gconf 1.0.x (first gconfd-1 otherwise gconfd-2) 
-when installing GConf2, re-register all installed schemas from 1.0.x
database in 1.1.x database (I'm not sure we will not be losing some

Havoc, WDYT ?
Frédéric Crozat

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