GConf design problems?

I'm not on the list (for some reason, Mailman doesn't send
subscription instructions to me), so please CC me.

I understand that GConf stores everything in an XML file.
However, wouldn't that make things slower after a while?
The more configuration is stored using GConf, the bigger
the database gets.
Does that mean that the database will get slower as time
pass, because it gets more difficult to parse?

And some people fear that the GConf database will corrupt
just like the Windows registry.
Or it may corrupt after a filesystem crash, they said.
How big is the chance that something like this happens?

I noticed that many people on Gnotices dislikes GConf.
Some said that GConf makes their programs more unstable.
Others said "GConf sucks" but refuse to give any technical
details (obviously trolls).
Just how good/bad is GConf?

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