wirless-applet-1.0 (was: garnome-list Digest, Vol 47, Issue 18 see top)


B.S.J.W. Stephenson <es018r6256 blueyonder co uk> wrote:

> On the subject of wireless applet version one , I have a copy , If you
> tell me were to send it , I will oblige . I cannot say if it works other
> than that it compiles and fills my dependency list .

Great offer! Thanks a lot!

Please send it to my adress michael schmarck cn 

I will then make this file publically available on my S3
account. Adress will then be:


> B.S.J.W.S
> ? What has happened to your copy ?

Are you asking me? I never had a copy of that file.

Thanks a lot,

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