Garnome 2.22.0: evolution-data-server requires OpenLDAP


I downloaded Garnome 2.22.0 and am now trying to do a "make
paranoid-install". This fails in evolution-data-server:

checking for com_err.h... yes
checking for Kerberos 4... no
checking for purify... impure
checking for OpenLDAP... yes
checking if OpenLDAP is version 2.x... no
configure: error: evolution requires OpenLDAP version >= 2
make: *** [configure-work/main.d/evolution-data-server-2.22.0/configure] Fehler 1

I suppose changing

CONFIGURE_ARGS = $(DIRPATHS) --with-openldap --enable-dot-locking=no


CONFIGURE_ARGS = $(DIRPATHS) --enable-dot-locking=no

(ie. dropping --with-openldap) would work. But shouldn't it
either be so, that openldap is shipped with Garnome *OR* 
shouldn't it be so, that e-d-s is built without ldap support?


Michael Schmarck
You may my glories and my state dispose,
But not my griefs; still am I king of those.
                -- William Shakespeare, "Richard II"

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