I'm trying to build gnome from the garnome base on a Linux
system that has recently been updated from Fedora 4 to 5 with all
following updates installed.

The paranoid-install build fails for me when "make" gets to the
freedesktop/tango-icon-theme/work/main.d/tango-icon-theme-0.7.2/22x22/actions directory:

(cd /home/fsolensky/gnome/garnome/share/icons/Tango && \
for icon in address-book-new.png  [and others] ; do \
        /usr/local/bin/convert -bordercolor Transparent -border 1x1
22x22/actions/$icon 24x24/actions/$icon; \
/usr/local/bin/convert: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Any suggestions as to what I need to add (or remove) to get this going

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