building orca under GARNOME


[from the orca wesite]
"is a flexible, extensible, and powerful assistive technology for people
with visual impairments. Using various combinations of speech synthesis,
braille, and magnification, Orca helps provide access to applications
and toolkits that support the AT-SPI (e.g., the GNOME desktop)."

To build Orca within the GARNOME framework:

(0) set up a GARNOME "sandbox" if you not already done so...

The sandbox provides an orderly way to perform experiments within
GARNOME. Most, but not all, applications within GARNOME support 'make
uninstall'.  By conducting experiments within a sandbox rather than
altering the standard GARNOME source tree, you have a mechanism by which
to easily retreat when necessary.

(1) unpack the attached garball in


(2) build and install orca
* cd to sandbox/geektoys/orca
* make install > make_install.log 2>&1 &

Running orca
* verify gnome-speech works

For orca to speak, gnome-speech needs to work.  To verify gnome-speech
is working, run 'test-speech'.

On my system, an FC4 clone for PPC's, gnome-speech did *not* initially
work.  The problem turned out to be an ACL issue associated with the
festival voice synthesis engine.

* configure orca
run: orca-setup

* run orca



joseph_sacco [at] comcast [dot] net

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