Re: another in deskbar-applet

I'm trying to build garnome-2.15.90 on a box with 2 Intel Pentium III (Coppermine) CPUs. The Linux distribution is Fedora Core 3 with self-built kernel 2.6.10 #3 SMP. A lot of things are changed so it's not the FC3 anymore.

Yes I'll check the libiconv. But the build process looks good now.

Thanks for help.
- Calvin

Joseph E. Sacco, Ph.D. wrote:

Take a look at the $WORKSRC directory.  You will see that intltool-merge
is a perl script. In order for that script to work correctly, some perl
packages must be resident. See the top of the script.
Another external requirement is a working version of GNU libiconv.
There is a version in the bootstrap directory. Try the following:

* cd to ./bootstrap/libiconv
* make install

* cd ./desktop/deskbar-applet
* make clean
* make install

See if that helps.

BTW,  you should state which platform and which distro you are running.



On Mon, 2006-08-07 at 01:33 +0800, Yu-Hui Liu wrote:
Got some output like this:
make[4]: Entering directory `/home/garnome/garnome-2.15.90/desktop/deskbar-applet/work/main.d/deskbar-applet-' LC_ALL=C ../intltool-merge -s -u -c ../po/.intltool-merge-cache ../po deskbar-applet.schemas
Found cached translation database
Merging translations into deskbar-applet.schemas.

OK, it hangs here, takes 100% CPU time. Fortunately I have another CPU to send this message. ;-)
(Command "top" shows me that it's running a perl -w process.)

Could anyone help? Thanks!

- Calvin

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