Re: 2.15.1, desktop/gnome-desktop, needs python libxml2 ?

On 4/29/06, Adam Worrall <abworrall gmail com> wrote:

My mistake; I thought the '2.4' related to the version of Python :) I
should have nabbed instead,
since it works fine.

I wrote too soon; this package is hardcoded to look for the underlying
libxml2 under /usr, which causes problems later on.

I dug a little deeper, and it turns out that the python bindings should be
built by platform/libxml2. In fact they are built, but they're put in the
wrong place; I think there is a typo line 16 of

+           PYTHON_SITE_PACKAGES=$libdir/lib/python$PYTHON_VERSION/site-packages

The '/lib' needs to be removed.

I guess the rest of you have been using your system's libxml2-python bindings !

- Adam

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