Re: freedesktop/desktop-file-utils: update-desktop-database problem

> What's going on here anyway? Why does a post-install target in
> freedesktop/desktop-file-utils call update-desktop-database at all?
> This executable needs to be called every time there are new .desktop
> files in $prefix/share/applications -- which is the case *after* you
> installed one or more new packages.
> IMHO it does not make any sense calling this right after installing
> desktop-file-utils, as there are no .desktop files yet. This needs to be
> run after you finished building GARNOME.

Tracked this one down at 4am this morning :)

In the < 2.11.9x days (before the big LIBDEPS reshuffle) --
desktop-file-utils was built from desktop/gnome-desktop

Now, it's built from platform/gnome-vfs, which is built before even
desktop/bug-buddy is built, so you're right ... there's a distinct lack
of .desktop action going on, hence the error.

Because we don't have a post-install command yet, the most likely place
to put it (given it's still a useful command to execute) is somewhere
about desktop/yelp.

Failing that, getting people to add it to the garnome-session script is
equally as good, or making it an FAQ question under the heading 'Help,
my menus are empty' :)



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