Re: Streaming audio: GNOME- previews of coming attractions

Hello Joe,

Joseph E. Sacco, Ph.D. wrote:

        [taken from the HELP doc]
        Music Player is a ID3 organized, music library and player for
        your MP3, FLAC or Ogg/Vorbis music files.
              * Listen to Internet radio stations.

Once configured, Rhythmbox displayed an entry for "Classical Guitar
Radio from Phoenix,AZ" under the Radio Source. I clicked the "play"
button and began listening to "Villa Lobos-Prelude No. 4(Williams)".
You were more lucky than me here : since I am behind a firewall which forbids directions on the 8002 port, it managed to completely freeze my Music player interface (after more than 5 minutes frozen, it finally told me that it could not access the remote machine, whew !). This is GARNOME 2.10.1.

Life is good...
Not for everybody ;). Your solution nevertheless is interesting. Thanks for the tip.


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