Re: gst-register question

On Thu, 24 Mar 2005, Ivan Noris wrote:

Hi Paul,

each other user will get problems regarding sound (does not work etc.), unless
he/she runs gst-register in his/her shell.

This is a GARNOME-semi-specific issue -- because we install all of our
configuration files to a separate prefix (ie. not /etc) -- running
gst-register from a system account will find no information to update.

Well, I'm installing as root (do not bomb me :) and this means I have
proper paths set in environment when running gst-register (post-install
in gst-* package). The user which logs into GNOME has the same paths...

I have not explored this thoroughly, because running gst-register is a
good workaround and placing it into the session script would be enough
for working in multi-user environment, although I don't like it ;)

You could write a script that gets run from /etc/bash_profile, or whatever startup script your user uses that does something like

if [ -e $HOME/registry.xml ]

that way, it'll try and detect to see if gstreamer has a valid registry, and if so, not run gst-register. It's slightly ugly, but adding one file test on login shouldn't add too much cruft

This surely happens when migrating user to next major GNOME release (2.6 ->
2.8 and 2.8 -> 2.9 (2.10) in my case).

In GARNOME though, it only happens when you build one of the
GStreamer-related packages.

Yes, of course. But when I build Garnome, there are such packages.

I hope I will have some time these days to explore this thing.

Many thanks anyway and regards,

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