Re: garnome-2.11-20050616.1615 doesn't build on Ubuntu Hoary

On Thu, 2005-06-16 at 23:22 +0100, guenther wrote:
> > This isn't a bug report really but just to let people know that
> > garnome-2.11-20050616.1615 doesn't build on a fully updated Ubuntu
> Hoary
> > install *boo-hoo*
> Well, that particular version of Ubuntu gets a little, uhm...
> hoary. ;-)
haha :)

> >
> > How badly would I break my Ubuntu install if I manually built
> dbus-0.33
> > from
> Not sure, but I guess that the Ubuntu provided apps (which are using
> hal/dbus) won't be happy about a new dbus version.
> AFAIK the API changed and isn't downward compatible. FWIW, there seems
> to be agreement to move to dbus 0.3x for GNOME 2.12 -- which requires
> some (supposedly) easy adjustment in the existing apps using dbus.
> Don't know if this really helps...
yeah it all helps.. thanks for the reply. But I guess all of the future
2.11 garnome snapshots are going to be no good for me now unless I blow
away my stable 2.10 Gnome and take the plunge. Hey ho

> ...guenther


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