garnome-2.11-20050610.1755: Building office

I have built all of the office applications. They appear to work.

* libgda-1.3.3

Ran into an "interesting" problem [bugzilla #307549]:

mysql-4.1.12: <mysql.h> contains the function prototype

     void STDCALL mysql_debug(const char *debug)

The compiler flag, -Ddebug=1, results in a macro substitution:

     void STDCALL mysql_debug(const char *1)

which causes gcc to choke.

A quick and dangerous workaround:

     Alter the function prototype signature in <mysql.h>.

For example,

     void STDCALL mysql_debug (const char * mysqldebug) 

A better solution is to modify the name of the compiler substitution MACRO to
something unique to libgda, say, -DGDA_DEBUG=1

* gnumeric-1.5.x
There is a missing dependency, goffice, which I decided to build
under ./platform.  Maybe ./office would be better.  Your choice...

As of 13June05:
* gnumeric-1.5.2 was released
* goffice-0.0.2 was released
* libgsf-1.12.1 was released [required by goffice-0.0.2]

I upgraded the version of libgsf to 1.12.1, built goffice-0.0.2, and
then built gnumeric-1.5.2.  Seems to work.

Onwards to ./fifth-toe


joseph_sacco [at] comcast [dot] net

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