Re: GARNOME 2.9.4

Hello all,

Vincent Rubiolo wrote:

This is the same error I had when compiling 2.9.3. At the time, I was waiting for 2.9.4 to see if this was only a problem with development sources. Seems like it's not.
The error comes from a source file in the examples/book/input directory that fails to compile (, seemingly because there is a problem with C++ <iostream> header (!?!?).

Removing the incriminated directory (rm -rf input/) and suppressing its reference in the Makefile (in the SUBDIRS variable) solves the problem. I can resume compilation successfully.

Has anybody got the problem already? From what I see in the Bugzilla, there is no report of such failure. As I'm going to report it, I was wondering whether anyone had the problem as well.

Thanks for your input,


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