Re: GARNOME 2.9.4


Great, can't wait to try it out. I installed KDE 3.4 Beta 1 on my (now broken - hence using Mozilla Mail on WinXP now) Slackware box yesterday, and it was pretty sweet while it lasted, but me thinks I should return to the familiar pastures of Gnome 2.9.x for now =).

Just perusing the tarball, I couldn't seem to find tomboy - is there any chance of including? (apologies if I've missed it, but I honestly couldn't seem to find it).

Also, launch-box looks kind of promising:

Is there any chance of including that, perhaps?

Finally, I was toying with Beagle on my (now removed) Ubuntu, and it's pretty cool and partway usable now - any chance of including that (I think most of the requirements are already in garnome - and also, the mono crew released newer tarballs for gecko, *sharp, and whatever a few days ago, so you don't need to grab the cvs versions anymore).


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