Re: Stable Garnome 2.8 updates

> * desktop/gstreamer and desktop/gst-plugins -- which you already planned
> for an update. As arch didn't have them yet, I decided to safe you some
> work. ;)

Thanks, but it's no quicker if you don't attach the uber-large patch
which i'm yet to create that I have to apply from pieces-of-CVS to
actually get the thing working again :)

> * fifth-toe/gimp updated to the latest stable version, 2.2.1. Gimp has
> released a new major stable tree 2.2 about 3 weeks ago.

That's actually been in my local tree since before christmas, just being
on a 9600bps connection from my phone means it hasn't been committed

I'm rolling some of Stef's fixes, these and some other fixes into the
tree as we speak, see arch ... shortly :)


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