Re: gst-plugins compilation fails on in video4linux directory (errors in gstv4lelement.c)

Hello Paul,

Thank you very much for this information. This works now (compilation goes on after gst-plugins).
I may finally give 2.9.3 a try ;-)


Paul Drain wrote:
gstv4lelement.c:85:1: directives may not be used inside a macro argument
gstv4lelement.c:84:42: unterminated argument list invoking macro "g_assert"
gstv4lelement.c: In function `gst_v4l_iface_supported':
gstv4lelement.c:86: `g_assert' undeclared (first use in this function)
gstv4lelement.c:86: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
gstv4lelement.c:86: for each function it appears in.)
gstv4lelement.c:86: syntax error before "iface_type"

Actually, this has been fixed in the 2.9.3 release, from the gst-plugins
changelog entry:

* sys/v4l/gstv4lelement.c: (gst_v4l_iface_supported):
* sys/v4l2/gstv4l2element.c: (gst_v4l2_iface_supported):
g_assert() can be a macro, don't use #ifdef inside it.

These changes have been folded into the gar-base.diff patch that is
included in the GARNOME tarball.

Applying the same fix to should be a case of:

* downloading 2.9.3
* copying the contents of desktop/gst-plugins to your directory
* running 'make clean; make install'

I'll be adding a more in-depth set of fixes to gst-plugins later next week,
which will fix (from CVS) a whole bunch of issues that GARNOMERs and others have reported -- but that'll get you going for the time being.


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