Re: [Bug 325193] New: Stripping of binaries

On Wed, 2005-12-28 at 22:22 -0700, Myles Green wrote:
> You wrote:
> Anyway, the gmake porting of it is so ugly that I'd be embarrassed to
> show it. It would be nice if someone could do it properly.
> As you know, garnome is a volunteer effort, if you have some patches
> please feel free to contribute them. If you can't supply patches or
> aren't willing to volunteer your time to implement this then comments
> like you made are completely unnecessary and just plain rude. We need
> contributors not 1337 types, so put up (your patches) or shut up.
> Some people.... :-/

Thanks for the great feedback. While I really appreciate your positive
attitude and apparently contributions, I would like to point out that
the bug was filed with severity "enhancement" on request from someone
who matters.

The link suggested a way to implement this apparently (did you ever read missing feature, so I thought it'd be worth to point out.

I don't use GARNOME myself - I hang out in #garnome because of interest
in GAR.

> (I'll bet that his email address is bogus but who knows)

I wish it was if these are the comments you get. GNOME (and especially
GARNOME) is all about love, dude. Show us some :-)

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