Mime-types ?


i compiled the latest garnome yesterday, but hadn't had the time to
test it yet. this morning, i started the new garnome, only to discover
that nautilus is having serious problems : icons are showing ok, but
none of the standard applications will start from nautilus. (clicking
a .html-file does not start epiphany, a .txt-file doesn't start gedit,
well, you get the picture). trying to set a default application for
a mime-type only gets me a filebrowser, _not_ a list of installed
application/viewers as i would expect...

i tried cleaning out my homedir and starting fresh (deleting all .gnome*
.gconf* .nautilus .metacity and a few others), but to no avail. browsed
the list, and saw an old entry that talked about


which doesn't even exist anymore (as far as i can tell). 

anybody got any idea where to start searching for this ? it's probably
something silly, but i'm stumped...

CUL8R, Peter.

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