[Bug 127821] - gnome-settings-daemon crash on login


------- Additional Comments From vix vazka sk  2004-03-29 16:40 -------

all I know is contained in this document:

The document describes Sun's GNOME, I've found no associations with solaris of
specific version (I have Sol9).

It states, that:

Before you can use the AccessX preference tool, you must enable XKB on your
Solaris system.
Note –

XKB is not currently supported on Sun Ray™ systems.

Edit /etc/dt/config/Xservers. If it does not exist, the Document shows you what
to do.

Append the following to the command line (which starts the X itself) at the end
of the file:

Enter the following command at a command line:

pkill -HUP dtlogin

Log out of your GNOME session and log in again.

To verify if XKB is running, enter xdpyinfo and search for XKEYBOARD in the
extensions list.

End of citation.

I have tried this two times, didn't work for me. But I have no workstation, only
Sun Rays. Bad thing, because I need to run Gnome on thin clients and seems the
libxklavier is tested only for XFree :( The best would be to ignore libxklavier
and compile control-center and gnome-applets without it, but I checked both
"configure" scripts and they NEED libxklavier.

Does anybody know how to get thgrough this on Solaris + Sun Rays?
Does anybody know how to bypass libxklavier? (Is it even possible?)

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