Re: Atonement

quick first impressions review:

1. Wow!! great job! I always wished somebody gave
garnome this kind of look.
2. search and join should again be frames like all
other top links.
3. no offense to anyone, but please remove the word

have fun!

--- Paul Miller <location one verizon net> wrote:
> IF you are  willing to give me one final chance, I
> stripped out ALL my
> junk - and it WAS junk - and just kept to the
> original text - which
> is what I shoulda done in the 1st place,
> Ron, thanks for your heartfelt opinion!  And for
> sending it so quickly!
> I think it saved me from going down in ALOT of
> FLAMES! I definitely
> got carried away and NEEDED a wake-up call. Really:
> thank you!
> Apologies again to anybody I might have offended and
> to the list for
> using up so much bandwidth on this...
> If you just want to cut to the chase, it's at:
> 'Technical' notes: (only if you're interested)
> Logo: Too big? Probly!  The nice shadow under it in
> png file got faded-to-black in the more-managable
> gif. I'll either have to
> crop it or play with png compression. (Are png's on
> websites frowned
> upon .... still?)
> Background: just a quick & dirty 1st cut. Needs to
> be smoothed to get rid of
> banding in the footer and other things. I can use
> ANY background, though!
> Any suggestions? I just need to cut it into 3
> pieces. Bear in mind,  a 
> BIG file
> will be slow to load, and small files will look
> blocky and distorted under
> browser-scaling.
> If you'd rather have a background like,
> *THAT'S* a piece of cake!
> Browsers: Works OK under moz & firefox (not
> surprising). Those are the
> only ones I have.
> Scrolling: jumpiness particularly with
> smooth-scrolling enabled. Probly due
> to css transparency, which I may not even need ....
> Templates: template.html for pages, along with
> templates in the faq, 
> downloads,
> and links pages.
> Links page: just a place-holder right now. If it's a
> desirable page, 
> I'll add a table.
> CSS: I'm not super-proficient at it, so maybe I have
> a lot of unecessary,
> trial-and-error artifacts in garnomestyle.css. If
> anybody's REALLY
> interested, suggestions would be MOST appreciated.
> All for now
> Thanks!
> -- 
> Paul Miller
> location one verizon net
> -- 
> garnome-list mailing list
> garnome-list gnome org

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