saving disk space after garnome build?

Hi everybody,

after (partially) installing gnome using garnome, I would like to save
disk space by removing all those source, *.o etc files which are created
during the build. 
However, I would like to do it in a way, that garnome still knows, which
libs and applications are installed already, in case I want to compile a
single application later. It seems like just having the libs installed
is not (always?) enough to have the garnome build system see them!?

At least, that was my experience with evolution. After I compiled pieces
or garnome (including evo), I removed all */downlowd */work */cookies
files. However, when I re-compiled evolution some time later, it also
recompiled all dependencies, even though they were already installed.

Is there any way to prevent this, maybe just leaving the cookies but
remove the rest?



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