2 after build questions

hi all

i ve succesfully compile gnome-desktop with garnome-0.25.1
1) menu strings are not diplayed correctly in my native language
Greek.(shows something that cant be read in any language)
This happens not for all messages but a small percent (about 10%).
This happens only for the 'garnome' user, all other users have no
problems with G2.2 installed on the system (RH9).
I thought that garnome's fontconfig cant find the system fonts installed
on /usr/share/fonts/hellas and i place all of them in a .fonts dir in
garnome user home directory but this didnt work.

After it starts menus are full of duplicated programs
(mixed from garnome build and my distro).
Is there any way to get a clean build without these duplicates and also
redhat system tools and Kde programs?

Thanks in advance


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