Re: How to selectively rebuild?

On 2003.10.25 02:19, Bob Gustafson wrote:

I need to rebuild the whole thing. However, I don't want to download
all of the files or redo the edits to selected Makefiles.

How can I benignly whack (the cookies?) so that everything gets
rebuilt, but the downloaded files and Makefiles are not whacked too? - something like a make clean

You have various options...

In the garnome dir (where you see bootstrap, gnome, etc...) you can do

	rm -rf */*/{cookies,work}

And then it should rebuild.

A more elegant solution is to edit, uncomment the definition of GARCHIVEDIR, and point it to a directory where you have write permission and sufficient room. Then you should be able to do -

	make deep-garchive

to move all your downloads to the safe location, and then you can do -

	make deep-clean

to clean up all your build directories. The last runs for a while, since it re-traces parts of the tree multiple times, so I usuall do -

	make deep-clean > /dev/null

The first method will be much the easiest for doing this once, but setting up a GARCHIVEDIR is very useful over the long run.

Bobby Bryant
Austin, Texas

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