Re : Re : PTLib headers missing while compiling gnomemeeting


Thank you for the inormations.

Normally there is a mime type associated with the debian package
(application/x-deb) with no matching action.

But I'm still wondering why Opera does not corrupt the files and galeon/epiphany does (maybe it is a Gecko engine issue).

				- Jean-Luc

Once your browser has shown the contents of a file in a window (because it doesn't know what a '.deb' is), the contents in the cache is corrupted, and it's quite difficult to download a non-corrupted version of the file.

If this happens, you can download them with the command-line tools 'wget' (for http) and 'ncftpget' (for ftp). Just copy the link location from the right-click menu, and paste it in your terminal in a line that looks like this:


Another advantage of these tools is that they can resume interrupted downloads ('-c' switch with wget).


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