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On Tue, 2003-03-11 at 10:06, janik wrote:
> hi everyone,
> I am using debian woody and I did update to gnome 2.0 allready. I did
> use debian packages. But I would like to update to gnome 2.2 and there
> are not packages ready for woody. So I decided to use garnome.
> I did download garnome 0.21.2.
> but I can't download anything big at home, my modem is not so fast and
> it take long time -> money. 
> I need help: where can I find everything for success installation? I can
> download all stuff at work during night and bring to home and run
> installation. I did read that I can used GARCHIVEDIR configuration.
> I my just starting using garnome -> maybe it's silly question for help. 
> thanks for any help
> j.

The garnome answer ..

As already pointed out, garchive is exactly what you're looking for
here, unless like most of us, you're lumbered with windows at work.
If this is the case, a few suggestions are ..

* Installing enough of a cygwin[1] environment that you can use garnome 
& garchive to grab the packages (I confess, I haven't tried this)

* A small modification to garnome/, replacing:

#download an http URL (colons omitted)
    @wget -c -P $(PARTIALDIR) http://$*

# download an ftp URL (colons omitted)
    @wget -c --passive-ftp -P $(PARTIALDIR) ftp://$*


#download an http URL (colons omitted)
    @echo http://$* >>$(HOME)/get-garnome.txt

# download an ftp URL (colons omitted)
    @echo ftp://$* >>$(HOME)/get-garnome.txt

As ugly as it is, now running "make garchive" will give you a file with
a list of URI's to grab, which can be fed into wget under windows[2]
when you get to work. Messy, ugly, etc - but works well for me (tm).

(please, please, please, remember to replace with the
original from the tarball, before you attempt to use garnome after these
steps. I haven't tried to see what happens when left like this, but I
don't want to find out on someone else's machine!)

The Debian answer .. there is a gnome2.2 "backport" for woody, currently
mirrored at:
(watch the line wrap)

These are NOT official debian packages (as far as I understand), and I
haven't used them myself .. more details can hopefully found in debian's
archives of debian-gtk-gnome[3]

HTH, and good luck.

(happily using garnome on debian sid - great work Jeff :o)


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