Re: "Take a Break" feature.

<quote who="Ernesto Jardim">

> I appreciate that the gnome/garnome team worries with my working pauses
> but I'd like to get back the control of my life :-) so please can someone
> tell me how to turn this feature off and configure it !?

Heh. :-) You can turn it off by removing drwright from your session (in the
Sessions capplet under Advanced), and you can configure it by right clicking
on the little rectangle in your Notification Applet if you have it turned

- Jeff

-- 2004: Adelaide, Australia
    "Python amazes me for its concision. The current prototype is all of
       900 lines of code, yet it contains a lexer, parser (recursive
       descent), core language interpreter, and parallelizing process
                      spawner." - Raph Levien on Rebar

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