ORBit compile problems (GCC3/Solaris 9)

I am having some difficulty in getting the components of ORBit2 to compile without modifications to GARNOME Makefiles. I am using GARNOME 0.24.2 on Solaris 9 with a mostly GNU toolchain (Solaris binutils, GNU everything else).

The problem occurs when compiling linc, libIDL and ORBit. When it comes to link the final version of the shared library for each package, I get unresolved symbols for libgcc (specifically __cmpdi2, __float*, __ashr*, etc). I have attempted to add '-static-libgcc' to my LDFLAGS, but this does not help.

My last attempt had me modifying the Makefiles for all of the above packages and adding the following:

LDFLAGS += -static-libgcc -L/usr/local/lib -R/usr/local/lib -lgcc_s

Now everything compiles properly, but I have a dynamic dependency on libgcc_s.so, which is not ideal (I can manage, but don't want to).

Has anyone solved this in a clean fashion? I assume that I might have something set improperly... My build environment (gar.conf.mk) is:

CFLAGS   = -O2 -pipe -m32 -Wa,-xarch=v8plus

Any assistance would be appreciated.


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